October 30, 2020

Welcome to Alfa Cleaning Operations

Alfa Cleaning Operations is a New York City-based company that believes in cleaner environments leading to increased productivity, health, and happiness. We provide services in New York City for commercial and residential spaces. Our portfolio of services includes intensive deep clean, regular clean, specialized cleaning, and express services.

The “Clean” State of your Office promotes Health, Satisfaction and Productivity among your Staff, your clients and business associates. Your Office is your Business card. Always keep it professionally cleaned. Our true purpose is serving and maintaining a safe environment for your office by ensuring it always stays in pristine condition.

As the world learns more about the impact of germs and infections, businesses have a greater responsibility to keep their employees and customers safe. Our trained cleaning operators are helping you through the process of keeping your customers and employees safe. To avoid illness and spreading germs, our experts have created a list of “High-Touched Surfaces” that need to be cleaned daily.

We cater to residential and commercial units looking to enhance their living environment. Learn more about our services and contact us to request a quote.


Be are here to keep your home or office space safe and healthy for everyone. To stay on top and organized with your deep cleaning, use this checklist as your back pocket guide:

  • Have your floors professionally deep cleaned at least once a year
  • Schedule twice a year appointment, at the beginning of Spring, and beginning of Fall
  • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule for an easier and less-costly professional cleaning twice a year
  • Maintain a trustworthy relationship with your cleaning crew, especially during high-risk periods such as a pandemic, flu season, or seasonal changes, to stay proactive and prevent any interruption in your regular life and workflow.

Contact us to schedule a consultation or check out our services for a quick quote.

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