Express Cleaning

Express cleaning is for individuals with immediate and unforeseeable circumstances to make your home presentable for any occasion.

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About the Service

Express cleaning is a service provided for individuals who care about the presentation of their home and family. The fixed-rate service covers quick essential cleaning of highly-used areas. Our team is here to step in and prepare your home to get prepared for any unforeseeable gathering or for just a quick and simple fix-up, and is dedicated to using only natural and environmentally-friendly products.


What's Included?

As the world learns more about the impact of germs and infections, individuals have a greater responsibility to keep themselves and their employees safe. Our trained cleaning operators are helping you through the process of keeping your work and home environment pristine.

If you wish us to bring all cleaning supplies,
please mention it when contacting us (additional charges apply)

  • Collect all dirty dishes, mugs, cups, trash, and recycling*
  • Empty dishwasher & load dishwasher, or do dishes
  • Wipe down kitchen counters & sink
  • Empty all trash bings & take it out including recycling
  • Pick up clutter
  • Make bed & tidy the sofa
  • Straightening up books & magazines
  • Wipe down skink & mirror in the bathroom
  • Clean the toilet bowl
  • Sweep or vacuum the floors*

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Good for residential customers looking for a peace of mind, healthier living, and working at home

Fixed Rates Available

Service available to returning customer only

Hourly Pricing Available

Estimated Service Time:

1h - 1.5h

Min. Number of Cleaning Operators


Currently we do not offer this service for residential spaces, please contact us for specialized quote


Perfect for small businesses and corporations looking to improve the quality of their working environment worry-free.

Fixed Rates Available

Hourly Pricing Available

Estimate Time Period:

Custom (According to Quote)

Min. Number of Cleaning Operators

Service available to returning customer only

CONTACT US for more information


Currently we do not offer this service for commerial spaces, please contact us for specialized quote