May 4, 2022

How to keep your cleaning costs low at home

Alfa Cleaning Operations is a New York City-based company that believes in cleaner environments leading to increased productivity, health, and happiness. We provide services in New York City for commercial and residential spaces. Our portfolio of services includes intensive deep clean, regular clean, specialized cleaning, and express services.

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule once a week

Consistency is key to keeping your home spotless without much effort. Maintain a weekly schedule for quick cleanups and arrange a recurring arrangement with your favorite cleaning company for emergencies.

Schedule a deep clean once or twice a year to sanitize and maintain the quality of your floors

Especially during fall and winter seasons we begin to spend more and more time at home, keeping our household clean can become a bigger challenge than any other part of the year. Keep your family and home environment healthy by scheduling a bi-annual deep clean with your favorite local cleaning company.

Leave footwear outside, indoors wear indoor shoes or go barefoot

Leave what belongs outside instead of carrying it inside and waiting for germs to end up being picked up by young children, or getting thrown around into the air circulation.

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